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About Us

Welcome to DSRP HR Services, where human potential meets strategic planning, and talent turns into opportunity. With a passion for connecting businesses with the right talent and individuals, we strive to be the bridge that propels success. Our dedicated team of HR professionals brings years of experience, commitment, and expertise to every client partnership business objective.

At DSRP HR Services, we understand the dynamic nature of the workforce and the evolving needs of businesses. With years of industry experience, our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge on HR consulting services like Statutory compliance, payroll, HR Audit, Learning & development, workforce planning, and talent acquisition. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates by building high-performing teams to foster a tremendous future for upcoming challenges.

Who We Are

DSRP HR Services came into existence by Mr. Dilip K Sawant (CEO) in 2016 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra with a vision to revolutionize HR practices for businesses of all sizes. With a passion for fostering meaningful connections and a commitment to excellence, we embarked on a journey to transform the hiring process and create opportunities for employers and job seekers. With a passion for people and a drive for excellence, we boarded on a journey to redefine the role of HR in shaping organizational success.

Our Mission & Vision

At DSRP HR Services, we envision a future where organizations thrive through EED (empowered, engaged, and diverse) workforces. Our vision is to be at the forefront of shaping the HR landscape, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of excellence in human resource management. We strive to be a compound for positive change, helping our clients unlock their full potential through strategic HR solutions. We endeavor to be a trusted partner for clients and candidates, providing personalized service, expert guidance, and unparalleled support throughout the HR process. With a focus on ICI (innovation, collaboration, and impact), we are committed to delivering unparalleled HR solutions that drive sustainable growth and success for our clients. 

Embracing Technological Advancements – Shortly, we see ourselves leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize HR processes. From advanced analytics to immersive virtual training platforms, we aim to empower organizations with the tools they need to attract, develop, and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive market. 

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity and inclusion are integral to our vision for the future of HR. We are committed to helping organizations build inclusive cultures where every individual feels VRE (valued, respected, and empowered) to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. Through innovative diversity and inclusion programs, we strive to create workplaces that celebrate diversity and foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. 

Driving Sustainable Growth – Our vision extends beyond short-term success to focus on driving sustainable growth for our clients. We believe that sustainable growth requires a holistic approach to HR, encompassing not only talent acquisition and development but also employee engagement, well-being, and organizational culture. By partnering with us, organizations can build the foundation for long-term success and resilience in an ever-changing business environment. 

Empowering HR Professionals – We envision a future where HR professionals are empowered to lead with confidence and drive meaningful change within their organizations. Through our comprehensive training and development programs, we aim to equip HR professionals with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to navigate complex HR challenges, inspire teams, and drive organizational success. 

Building Strategic Partnerships – Soon, we see ourselves forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders, academic institutions, and technology providers to stay at the forefront of HR innovation. By collaborating with like- minded organizations, we can leverage collective expertise and resources to address emerging HR trends anticipate future challenges, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients. 

At DSRP HR Services, our vision for the future is rooted in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive impact on organizations and individuals alike. Through technological advancements, promoting diversity and inclusion, driving sustainable growth, empowering HR professionals, and building strategic partnerships, we are poised to lead the way in shaping the future of HR and driving success for our clients in the years to come.

DSRP HR Services

(Transparency, Respect, Understanding, Safety, Talent)

OUR VALUES IS THE CORNERSTONE OF OUR VALUE SYSTEM, WHERE EACH LETTER OF THE WORD “TRUST” REPRESENTS A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE. We believe in conducting business with honesty in all our endeavors and fostering a collaborative environment where our clients can thrive. Our commitment extends beyond providing short-term solutions. We believe in building long term partnerships with our clients, serving as trusted advisors who are dedicated to your organization's ongoing success. Whether you'e facing immediate HR challenges or planning for future growth, You can count on us to be by your side every step of the way.
Transparency fosters trust between employees and HR. When HR processes and decisions are transparent, employees feel confident that they are being treated fairly and equitably. We promote employee engagement. When employees understand the rationale behind HR policies, procedures, and decisions, they are more likely to actively participate and contribute to organizational goals.
Respects stands for mutual respect which sets the tone for a positive workplace culture where all employees feel valued, regardless of their role or position within the organization. This fosters a sense of belonging and encourages collaboration and teamwork.
Understanding fosters effective communication between HR professionals and Client. When both parties understand each other's perspectives, needs, and expectations, communication becomes clearer and more productive.
Ensuring safety in HR services helps organizations comply with relevant laws and regulations pertaining to workplace safety. This includes laws related to occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination, and harassment prevention.
We appreciate the talent, Talent is a key driver of competitive advantage for organizations. HR services play a crucial role in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent, which is essential for achieving strategic objectives and sustaining long-term success.
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Meet Our Team Members

Our team comprises experienced HR professionals with a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for delivering results. Each member of DSRP HR Services brings unique insights and skills to the table, ensuring that we can address your organization’s HR challenges effectively.

Our Leadership

Dilip k. Sawant

Director & CEO
A seasoned professional with 25 years of unwavering commitment to the human resources domain, our Director & CEO brings a wealth of experience to our HR company. Expertise in the manufacturing, capital equipment, automobile, chemical, building products and transportation & logistic sectors. Their strategic leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory, driving innovation in talent management, and fostering a culture of excellence. With a proven track record in steering HR initiatives, they continue to guide the company towards unparalleled success in the ever-evolving landscape of human resource management.

Our Team

One of the Best Team members we have.

Seema Kole
Operational Head
Veda Tawade
Asst. Recruitment - Manager & HR
Joslin Joseph
Asst. HRBP Manager
Pragati Rani
Asst. Recruitment - Manager & HR
Diksha Rangare
Recruitment Manager & HR
Krity Singh
Jr. Recruitment Officer & HR
Samidha Brid
Jr. Recruitment Officer & HR
Dipali Raut
Asst. Recruitment - Manager & HR
Vaishali Rahangdale
Asst. Recruitment - Manager & HR

Points To Make Us Different

Personalized Approach: We understand that every organization is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific hiring needs and company culture.Our personalized approach ensures that we match you with candidates with the right skills and experience to fit seamlessly into your team.

Industry Expertise: With years of experience in various industries, our team of recruiters brings deep insights and specialized knowledge to every search. Whether you’re looking for talent in technology, finance, healthcare, or any other sector, we have the expertise to find the right candidates for your organization.

Proven Track Record: We have a proven track record of success, helping countless organizations find top talent and achieve their hiring goals. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our client’s success has earned us a reputation as a trusted recruitment partner. Unique Placement Service: Whether you’re hiring for entry-level positions or senior roles, we can help you find the right candidate for permanent placement. And our contract staffing services provide flexible solutions to meet your staffing needs.

Client-Centric Focus: Your success is our priority. We are committed to building long-term partnerships based on TTM (Trust, Transparency, and Mutual respect) providing ongoing support to help you navigate the ever-changing HR landscape.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous satisfied clients who have experienced the impact of our services firsthand. From small businesses to multinational corporations, we have helped organizations of all sizes achieve their HR goals and drive business growth.

Area of Experties

Ready to take your HR approach to the next level?

We look forward to associating with you on your drive to success. Get in touch with us for more details.